Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lil' Miss Bella is Learning New Tricks

The only exciting news in the Hermesch house right now is the fact that Bella is learning new tricks. We've been taking lil' Miss Bella to doggy training classes at Petsmart for the past few weeks. It is soo cute when we walk into the training class...right away, Bella starts using her cuteness factor. She starts tilting her head, and knows that if she keeps it up she will eventually get a treat. So far, our dog has learned the "sit" command, and when I throw a treat on the floor she leaves it until I tell her it's okay to get it. Our dog is still trying to comprehend the "down" command. She doesn't understand that I want her to lie down on the floor.
It's really exciting to see our lil' pup learning new things. Dale and I spoil her soo much, but we don't have any children yet to spoil, so Bella will have to do.