Monday, May 10, 2010

We're Having a BABY!!!!

The evening of April 30 brought us some great news! After applying a blue cleansing mask to my face, I took a pregnancy test and didn't expect much of anything (a week ago we had taken a test and it was negative). To my surprise, there were two lines--Positive! I'm sure Dale was a little disturbed when I ran into the living room screaming, jumping, and my face covered in blue "paint". Shoving the stick in front of him, I screamed, "Is it true?!"

The next morning I took another test to see if the results were correct. At 6am I was bright awake and couldn't wait any longer. This test was also positive! Dale was still sleeping so I nudged him awake. Beaming with joy, I stuck the pee stick in front of his face until he realized what was happening. Dale's response was, "I'm gonna be a daddy?!"

A few days later, our doctor confirmed the good news--we're gonna be first time parents. We told our friends and family right away, and they also shared in our joy. Dale and I cannot wait for our little miracle to continue to grow and be healthy.