Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Cleaning Schedule

I have been trying to find my cleaning niche and organize a routine that works for me.  With the holidays coming up, my house needs to be in tip top shape. Your routine might look different from mine, and that's okay!  Do what works for you.

How to organize a month of cleaning:

1.  Walk around the house and take note of urgent items that need to be fixed or focused on (ex: change air filter, fix weather stripping, fix closet knob)

2.  Write down certain rooms you want to focus on during the month for P.R.O.M (Purge, Remove, Organize).  Then donate the items you want to purge. I did not include a "donation day" on my calendar but figured it would happen sometime during the month.

3.  Grab a printable calendar, use your list, and start filling the calendar in. I try to focus on fix-ups for the weekends and pick one thing to do each day.  Keep it simple so you can stick with it!

Not only do I want to focus on fixer-uppers in the house, but I want to keep up with everyday household cleaning too. Clean Mama has a printable that organizes daily/weekly tasks (below).  This list might come in handy when a quick reference is needed.

Please share any helpful tips you have about staying organized with cleaning!  We would love to hear it :)