Monday, September 22, 2014

Pen Pals

Get Busy Living is starting this season off with a bang!  Introducing our new idea called "Pen Pals".  I miss the days when snail mail mainly consisted of handwritten notes, not just bills.  Days when it seemed slower paced and we would take the time to diligently write to a friend.  Now it's about the hussle and bussle of everyday life, with no thought of hand written notes.  Most of us are in the tech age and send a quick text or email to our buddies. 

Well.... lets get back to simplicity!  Pen Pals was designed with you in mind.  I will pair you up with a partner.  Write to eachother at least once a month.  Keep the same partner for as long as you would like.  If you love the idea you may add more pen pals to your address book.  There are really no rules here!  Just a way to make new friends, encourage one another, and spend some time relaxing while we write away.

With this being such a new idea, please share about it with your friends.  Get Busy Living would love to get things rolling here asap.  

To participate:
-Hop onto our Pen Pals fb page and become a member (this is where most of the updates and news will take place)
-Email your home address to me ( with "Pen Pal" as the subject, and a little blurb about yourself (age, kids, hobbies, etc). 

Voila! Then I will send you your partner's information.

Have fun and remember to spend time really getting to know the other person and sharing about your life. If we keep it at "hey, how are you?  How's the weather?" all the time, then it really is not worthwhile (in my opinion).  This is gonna be great!  Lets get to snail mailin'!