Monday, June 21, 2010

Baby's First photoshoot =)

During my 9week checkup, we had the baby's first ultrasound. It was truly amazing how well defined the baby was at just a few weeks in utero. While I wait for our bundle of joy to arrive, I am making a pregnancy scrapbook. This week I included a picture of the 9 week ultrasound and my first written letter to our baby. This is what it says:

To my sweet baby
I have always dreamed of the day of becoming a mommy. Now that I am pregnant, it still feels like a dream. Not only do I dream about if you will be a boy or girl, what color hair you'll have, or what kind of person you will become, but most of all--what it will feel like to hold my sweet baby for the first time. When I was nine weeks pregnant, I had my first ultrasound. When Daddy and I saw your cute little body on the screen, we were beaming with joy. All we wanted was a healthy baby, and everything was going as planned. You had a strong heartbeat too--75 beat per minute! God has definitely answered my prayers. I have been given the best gift in the world--You! I couldn't ask for more. I love you so much! Love Mommy