Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Time for Tea

Not only have I been running around town all day, but this seems to be a recurring theme to my life.

The instant there is "free" time, it's spent multitasking--doing laundry, washing dishes, chasing the dog, or just trying to "watch" tv while my mind is occupied elsewhere. It has never been easy for me to "stop and smell the roses". Maybe because I'm always rushing to get the next thing done on my To Do list that I forget to savor the small things--the most important things in life. So today I did just that--enjoyed myself a cup of tea while letting my mind rest.

Don't forget to savor the small things in life.

Relax for a bit. Make time for a cup of tea, a relaxing evening with a book, cuddling with the person you love, or whatever it is that re-energizes your soul.


  1. So true lizzie. We al find it so hard sometimes to stop and smell the roses. I think when we do have one of those moments it feels so good and you tell yourself you want to do that more but it never happens so its nice when you actually do something relaxing.