Thursday, August 15, 2013

Creating a "Life List"

When fear and doubt come into play they can deter you from living a life of purpose.  We all want to listen and do what our heart desires, but sometimes there is that "enemy" getting in the way--YOU.  It is easy to start doubting yourself and start questioning why you want to do this, how difficult this will be to accomplish, or the amount of patience or money this will entail.  I know because there have been many times when I gave up on a dream in an instant.  It was easier to give up than to follow through, conquer my fear or doubt, and to pursue something that might take a little energy from my part. 

 "Do you know what fear fears?  Paper."- Jon Acuff

Author and blogger, Jon Acuff, shared a wonderful way to tackle fear.  We are going to create a "life list".  This is a list to focus on your dreams, goals, and hopes.  Using this format can encourage you to take it a step further without becoming overwhelmed.  It can fight off your fears and doubts, if only you write them down. Consider the reality of your dreams and how you will get from point A to point B.  Writing down what you tend to avoid because of fear will nip it in the butt. You cannot move on and conquer your fear without doing something about it!  So get that paper out, and start creating your own life list. 

My Life List

1.  I want to conquer my phobia of storms

{Reality}  The anxiety is more than I can handle

{Questions}  Why am I fearful of storms?  What's the worst that can happen?  What are some steps and ways of overcoming this fear?

2.  I want to go back to work

{Reality}  I'm not sure what I want to do, and I have a child that I cannot leave by himself

{Questions}  Should I try teaching again or go a different route?  What are the pros/cons of daycare vs. homecare?  Can my son get into preschool next year?

3.  I want to spend more quality time with my husband

{Reality}  We don't have money to spend on date nights, and when we stay home we tend to do our own individual thing.

{Questions}  What are some ways to spice things up?  What are some things we would want to talk about/do together?

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