Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Reasons to Journal

My first journal started when I was in first grade (yes, you heard that right).  It was a Hello Kitty journal that even included a lock and key.  The journal entries back then were very simple: "Dear Diary, My friend is so mean. She is not my friend anymore."  And then the next day, we were skipping along and best friends again. Oh the joys of childhood! As I become older, my journals speak from the soul and holds my innermost thoughts.  It is a window to my soul. The pages tell my story. 

What is your life story?

*Here's a few reasons to journal:

1.  Make Sense of Pain
Writing about traumatic experiences helps to release the power that is hurting you.

2.  Take Control of Your Life
Let your worries be written in your journal instead of letting the thoughts plague your mind all day.

3.  Stay Focused and Motivated
A journal can help you plan your goals and stay on track. Write down your goals, and journal about your thoughts, feelings, and experiences through the process.  It will help you stay motivated.

4.  Use Your Journal to Practice Positive Thinking
Focus on at least one thing you are grateful for each day.  Practicing positive thinking and writing it down.  It will encourage you when days aren't so peachy.

5.  Make Scribbling a Happy Habit
Jotting quick thoughts in a journal by bullet pointing can be quick for daily entries. 

Journal Prompt:  Sum up your life in only 7 words. Feel free to share it below.

Mine would say : "All I want is to be loved."

*Inspired from Absolutewrite.com


  1. I started journaling in 1st grade too! I have boxes and boxes full of journals. (I'm not sure what to do with them all now, but I'm certainly not getting rid of them) I love the journal prompt- I'm going to have to think on what mine would say for a bit though!

    1. All of my journals are in a box now too. Sometimes it's just nice to go through them and remind yourself of how far you've come. Checked out your blog and commented :)

  2. If I'm honest with myself, I love the look and feel of journals more than I am actually good I keeping one up. I love new notebooks and school/office supplies. I always think a new book will motivate me to better take notes in church too! :)

    Visiting from the GFC Hop and am your newest follower.

    Kate :)

    1. Thanks, Kate, for your comment! Yeah, I just love the different designs on journals too. I probably have a few I've bought over the last few years and haven't even written in them.

      I commented on your potty training post on your blog! Sounds like you have your hands full with a toddler too! My son is 2.5.

  3. Fun post! I have been journaling since I was 9 and I love it! I love looking back at what was happening in my life, because I sure won't remember the little things.

    I enjoy reading your blog. :)