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JULY Pinterest Exchange
If you want to participate email me at with your name, the state you live in, and if you have a blog then let me know the link. Sign up for the exchange by July 1st!

Oh my goodness! I was in the middle of coming up with ideas on how to get together with some girlfriends.  And I had the brilliant idea of a Pinterest Party.  But then came another, even more brilliant idea... a Pinterest Pal Exchange!

Whose ready to get crafty and creative? 
Whose ready to make some new friends?

I have come across some amazing women that live out of state and would love to start a penpal/Pinterest Exchange through snail mail!

Every month, you will get paired up with a new Pinterest Pal.  You can do this every month, one time, or every once in awhile--you decide! You will create a Pinterest-inspired craft or Pinterest-inspired recipe to send to her, etc.  The ideas for this are endless!

If you want to participate for the month of July:

1. This time around, I will send out a mass email to participants with info on who they are paired up with . You will be responsible in contacting your partner. If you do not hear from them by July 5th let me know. I will pair you up with a new partner if possible. We had an incident in April where one partner never responded, but thank goodness I had a back-up girl to take her place.

2.  Snail mail/email/fb your Pal during the month so you can get to know each other. The main purpose of this exchange is to make new friends and become familiar with one another.

3.  Items need to be around $15.

4. Facebook, Blogger, and myself, Elizabeth Hermesch, will not be held responsible for damaged items or disputes.  I'm sure there won't be any issues, but lets keep it friendly and drama-free.

5.  If you have a blog you will need to post about the exchange. Please share your blog link on Get Busy Living's FB page when you receive your package: Get Busy Living's FB page

 It's a great way to see what goodies we all received.  This will also help this exchange be even bigger and better for next month.  If you do not have a blog but could kindly take a photo of your items and post it on the FB page, I would be more than happy to show it on the blog :) Please share about this on your Facebook wall too :)

6. All exchanges need to be mailed out by Wed. July 24th.

-Elizabeth Hermesch

Have Fun. Be creative. Make New Friends :)

My April Exchange partner gave me this box of goodies :)  I love the Terrarium Kit!  Read about it HERE


  1. sounds like fun!
    I live in Missouri