Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pinterest Pal Exchange!

Oh my goodness!  Today I was in the middle of coming up with ideas on how to get together with some girlfriends.  And I had the brilliant idea of a Pinterest Party.  But then came another, even more brilliant idea... a Pinterest Pal Exchange!

Whose ready to get crafty and creative? 

Whose ready to make some new friends?

Here's the deal:

I have come across some amazing women that live out of state and would love to start a penpal/Pinterest Exchange through snail mail!

Every month, you will get paired up with a new Pinterest Pal. You will create a Pinterest-inspired craft or Pinterest-inspired recipe to send to her.  The ideas for this are endless!

The item you mail to your Pinterest Pal should be $20 or less.  Once I get the ball rolling, I will tell everyone a deadline date to mail out your Pinterest Pal box.  That way everyone knows an estimation date of when they should be receiving their package.

If you want to participate:

Since this is the first time trying this, I want to try to  hear from anybody who wants to participate by April 1st (no, this is not an April Fool's joke ;).  Then I will match you with a Pal.

If you want to participate, leave a comment with your name, email address, and state you live in.  If you don't want that made public then email me the info at

I hope this turns out to be a fun experience for everyone! Any feedback about this would be awesome since I'm still working out the kinks of this idea :) Thanks!

-Elizabeth Hermesch

Here are a few examples I got from Pinterest. Lets say I got paired up with someone and I make her some of these. You can put a few little items in the box or something like the bottom 2. Ideas are endless. Think outside the box


  1. I would love to participate. An absolute genius idea!

    My info:
    Angie Brewer

  2. So far we have someone from Tennessee, Hawaii, and Arizona (me) participating. Hope to get many more to sign up by April 1st. Tell your friends and see if they are interested! The more, the merrier :)

  3. Awesome!
    Kelly Gentry
    New Jersey

  4. Sounds like fun.

    Name: Layne
    State: Arizona

  5. Name: Lindsay
    Current state: Hawaii

  6. Sounds like a lot of fun!
    Name: Christina Montgomery
    Current state: Virginia

    Will be moving in July to SC or FL... depends where the military sends us.... :)

  7. Name: Melinda Marino
    Current State: Florida

  8. South Carolina saying I'm in :)Thanks for tweeting me!

  9. I'll happily join in!! Amy,, Arizona. :-). Sounds like a blast!

  10. Adding Michelle Sloan on here. She informed me she wants to participate, so I'm keeping all info on this page for reference :) So excited to pair you all up tomorrow! I will be posting an update on the blog and emailing each of you tomorrow with info!

    -Elizabeth Hermesch ("Get Busy Living" blogger)

  11. Ashley Pedersen from Arizona will also be participating

  12. OPEN for ONE more participant. When one more person responds, I'll be closing this and pairing up those who responded

  13. I love this idea. Is it too late? Im in New York, and my email is i can wait until May if need be!

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