Thursday, September 12, 2013


Do you believe in premonitions? According to the dictionary, it's a strong feeling that something is about to happen, especially something unpleasant.  I honestly did not start believing in premonitions until recently.  A few weeks ago I shared with ya'll about a dream I had that had elements of true events that actually played out the next day... You can read about that hereTo me, that was a funny, weird thing to happen but I brushed it off.

Last night, my mother was digging through her dusty journals. She came across an entry that stopped her in her tracks. Mother asked me if I remembered a dream I had as a teenager about 15 years ago. My dream consisted of me waking up in the night to realize that our house had caught on fire. Opening the bedroom door, there were flames everywhere. I tried to scream to warn my family, but it seemed as though I had lost my voice completely. In an attempt to save my family I turned on the radio full blast to wake them up since my voice was subdued. Trying to save my life and free myself, I broke the window and became bloody in the process. I escaped.

When I had that dream as a teenager I woke up the next day and divulged it to my mother. Unbeknownst to me, my mother had a similar dream a few nights after mine. This is what she confided in me last night:

Mom's dream was very similar to mine. She dreamed that a fire had woken her up and she was trying to warn us kids.  She opened the bedroom door and there were flames preventing an escape. She also escaped through her bedroom window and found us kids waiting for her outside.

Mom then informs me that soon after we both had these dreams, she heard loud popping noises coming from the garage. Not thinking much of it she ignored it and continued her crafting project. Later that day, my father came home and said that the hot water heater had a big black streak across it. Apparently it had caught on fire.... (that was the popping sound my mom heard earlier).  My mom had this nudging feeling to get it checked out.

The plumber arrived and insisted we get an electrician out immediately!  The wiring was jerry-rigged... not a huge surprise since our old house had problem after problem. The electrician arrived and had a bizarre event happen. He was checking things out and found that not only did the hot water heater have a fire cause the black streak across it, but it actually had 2 other fires/electrical issues inside the heater previously. While he was checking things out, the wires started sparking and he had to run out to the electrical box and shut everything off. 

My mother said that if our dreams did not happen that it would have been easy to ignore the hot water heater and not insist on a electrician to survey it.  What an eerie thought that maybe our dreams were warning us of something???  

Also, not even 24 hours before the hot water heater caught on fire, my father had moved a bunch of spray paint away from the hot water heater....

There are just way too many things here to not think that Someone was watching out for us. 

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