Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Busy Bag Exchange for Kids!

Announcing a NEW exchange that I want to get started and spread the news around.  As a stay-at-home mom with an energetic toddler, I need to find some creative ways to keep my son busy.  Plus with summer here, I am sure most mommies need something to keep their kids busy as well.  A few months ago, I came across an idea on Pinterest called "Busy Bags".  The concept completely intrigued me...

What are Busy Bags?

They are little activities you create to keep your child busy. These would be even great to use as a classroom teacher or a nanny.  Most Busy Bags are kept in gallon-size Ziploc bags but don't necessarily have to be kept in bags.   I like how organized and simple these activities can be.  Also, any hands-on activities or manipulatives (teacher term) are wonderful for kids.  I believe that kids learn better or have more fun when they can touch, feel, and pretend with items. Busy bags can be activities based on numbers, reading, shapes, colors, tying your shoes, Legos--the ideas are endless! 

My vision for this Busy Bag Exchange is to provide moms, teachers, and nannies with fun activities for the kids.  I will be honest and say that my son watches way too much TV during the day. If I had the option to pull out a Busy Bag instead of turning on the Tube then that would be a better solution.


Want to Join the Exchange?

You will have to come up with TWO Busy Bag ideas, make them, and send to your exchange partner.  This exchange is geared towards kids around the ages of 1-5.

*You will need to mail your two Busy Bags by Saturday, July 20, 2013. No later!

*Right after you sign up, please make sure to share about the Busy Bag Exchange on your FB wall. The more the merrier! 

*Feel free to get inspired by Pinterest Busy Bag ideas or feel free to completely create your own idea.  If you do decide to be inspired from Pinterest, make sure to credit the site you got the idea from.

I will be emailing all participants during the first week of July with information about your partner. Depending on who signs up, I hope to partner you up with someone around your child's age. 

To sign up:
Include-  Your name, Your State, Child(ren)'s Age, Child(ren)'s Gender

 When You Receive Your Package:  

If you are a blogger: Please post on your blog about what your partner sent you.  We will have a link-up party....I will email details later in July about linking up.  This is mandatory if you join the exchange.  The more we can share this through social media/the blogging world, the better this Busy Bag Exchange will become!

If you are NOT a blogger: I ask that you post a photo of what you received on "Get Busy Living's" FB page with a description (or email it to me This is mandatory if you join the exchange. The more we can share this through social media/the blogging world, the better this Busy Bag Exchange will become!  

Hope to see lots of people who are interested!  Send me any questions you have :)



  1. Such A Cute Idea And Somewhat Of A Twist On Pen Pals From Our Days! Love It!

    1. Hope you can join us! I also do a Pen Pal exchange (for Pinterest inspired gifts...but taking a hiatus from that this month).