Monday, June 3, 2013

Quote the Walls {Review}

 When it comes to being organized and being able to find pantry items in a quick manner, I love the labels I received from Quote the Walls.  

I was very impressed when they arrived in the mail.  There were about 3 huge sheets of labels that even included items such as quinoa, gluten free, flax seed, and of course the every day pantry items. With many people focusing on clean eating nowadays, I think these pantry labels will appeal to them too.   

This was the first time using vinyl and I can attest that they are the easiest to apply. They also look professionally-done and clean.

Quote the Walls is offering a $5 deal on these labels through the week!  Like their Quote the Walls FB page to take advantage of this awesome deal.  Every Tuesday they update their $5 deals.  The best part about this is that the pantry labels can come in almost any color you choose!  I chose black because it is simple and classic.  Not only does the company make these labels, but they also have everything else related to vinyl. You can purchase vinyl to decorate your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, wherever! 

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