Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Funny Married Moments

Our little family of three had a photo shoot that included many moments of tantrums.  Our 2 year old was not going to have it. It was warm outside and he would rather play with the ducks at the park than to stand still for photos.  We wrestled and tried to get a few decent shots.  When we got sneak peeks of our photos later I could not stop the tears and laughter... This picture says it all.  It captures our family to a "T"! I'm the one who usually sweetly says things like "It's okay, Joshua, calm down." While Dale is usually the one who is like, "Can we just go? This is ridiculous." This is not even posed...My friend (our photographer) caught a real-life moment.  And as I type this up, my son comes up to me, points to this photo on the screen and says, "Uh-oh!" I asked him if that's him throwing a fit and he nods his head telling me "uh-oh...bad!"And I can't help but notice that the bench we are sitting on in the pictures says "Happiness"...  
Prom Night: This story takes place when Dale and I were dating.  Even though it's not a married story I still have to share it...  So it was prom night and Dale took me to a restaurant called "Beef Eaters". The name of the restaurant is questionable. When I think of a place called Beef Eaters, I imagine a BBQ steakhouse. Well, this place was actually quite the opposite.  It was a steakhouse but had black, leather booths and a Baby Grand piano in the middle of the place. The place had some old, classy charm.  After having some delicious steak, potatoes, and a salad, we were on our way to Prom.  Lets just say there was not much dancing that went on that evening...  Every few minutes, Dale was running to the bathroom with food poisoning.  Poor guy.  We can laugh about it now because it was such a long time ago. I joke around saying that with a name like "Beef Eaters" it's gotta tell you something... I know you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, just like you should not judge a restaurant by its name... but in this case, DO! 

Dale and I were supposed to go on a date to The Vintage Market--a cute Italian-themed cafe where some weddings take place. I had Dale deal with the reservations. We were on our way to The Vintage Market and Dale says, "Honey, the lady on the phone was so confused about me making reservations so I couldn't make one. She said that you don't need reservations for this place."  I just thought that they must not be very busy then.  So we ended up driving a little when I asked Dale where the heck he was going.... "To the Vintage Market!" He really was not headed in the right direction. After much confusion, Dale said that he thought it was really weird that I wanted to go on a date to a marketplace/grocery store. Apparently, when Dale had called The Vintage Market it was another place that was an actual grocery store, and that's where we were headed! lol.  I busted up laughing finding out he had called a grocery store (that had the same name as the restaurant) to make reservations! Poor lady on the phone was probably thinking what a weirdo Dale was. Needless to say, I think we just ended up at Olive Garden that night instead....


  1. Those are great stories. We have had those miscommunications too. Mostly with directions - it is funny. I've learned to wait for my husband to ask me for help (instead of offering my opinion), even if we are very lost. :-)


  2. Oh no about prom night! That's so sad and the family picture is just hilarious! I love it!