Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cara Box Exchange

Everybody knows that I love making new friends & of course love to receive gifts. This month I participated in the Cara Box Exchange from the blog Wifessionals.  Libby from LibbyLifeBlog was the person that sent to me.  The theme for this month was Go Green. Libby sent me a beautiful hand-stitched card and items that are eco-friendly/easy on the skin. I received a Burts Bees kit, makeup brushes, lip gloss, and hand soap.  Each item was packaged in pink bubble wrap!  Such a sweet way to brighten up my day. Thanks, Libby!

My Cara Box went to Tiffany from Life of a Thirty Something.  Emailing back and forth, I got to know Tiffany as sweet but sassy.  When I first emailed her I asked her what her name was and she responded with, "Geez, you're asking a lot! Maybe you should take me out to dinner first." LOL. She's a crackup ;)