Saturday, April 20, 2013

Fashion Friday: Cowgirl Style

 Last week there was mention that I did something out of the norm about fashion.  I was not able to get ahold of Stacy and Clinton from "What Not to Wear", but I got the next best thing. ;)

In my attempt to start fresh and understand my style sense, I contacted Tiffany from Grown Up Dress Up.  When it comes to style sense, Tiffany has an array of fashion options to gear you in the right direction.  I love her business setup.  If you go to the link, it will show you what her business offers.  I asked if she could come over to my house, sort through my closet, and help pair up clothing items.  Tiffany told me what colors look good on me, and took photos of me in outfits she paired up.  She encouraged me to dump my maternity outfits too!  They are now in a box in the garage for future use.  Please check out her website and consider getting Tiffany to help with your wardrobe!  It was the best thing I did for myself and was a boost of self-confidence.  She is very personable, sweet, and can really tell your sense of style within 5 minutes.

Most of the fashion that catches my attention is the classic, simple, glamor look.  As a mama to a rambunctious 2 year old, there is not much time to make my style complete. Most mornings I only have enough time to throw on jeans, a decent blouse, and sandals.  My little man doesn't even give me enough time to do  my hair lately so pony-tail it is!  Lately, I have been wanting to get out of this rut and play around with different styles.  This week was cowgirl style!

Nobody can go wrong with this look...even a half-Asian girl like me!  I love the laid back, small town girl feel to this apparel. Thanks to Tiffany from Grown Up Dress Up for pairing up this cowgirl look for me.
Coral Red Dress:  Marshalls
Boots:  SO from Kohl's 
Turquoise Bracelet:  Papparazzi
Heart Necklace:  Charlotte Russe
Glass Locket:  Origami Owl

 This is one of my favorite looks. I paired up my denim Jeggings with a cute floral top that has lace sleeves.  Could not forget about the boots and pigtail hairstyle.

Blouse:  Elle from Kohl's
Denim Jeggings:  American Style Iris Jeans
Boots:  SO from Kohl's
Glass Locket:  Origami Owl

If you have a fashion style you would like to share on the blog, please email  I will need a photo of yourself in 1-2 cute outfits, description of where you got them/brand, and a brief paragraph about yourself and your style.  Thanks!


  1. Loved your style!! :D
    xx raquel

  2. I love your looks specially your red coral dress paired with a cowboy boots! :)