Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pipe Cleaners Gone Wild...

Toddler Tuesday

This week I wanted to share with ya'll about the wonderful invention of pipe cleaners! If I knew these would be such a hit with my two year old I would have bought some sooner. Both of the activities will help with your child's cognitive development and fine motor skills.

When my son saw me throw a collander on the floor with some pipe cleaners he could not get over there fast enough. From being a teacher, I learned that modeling for your child (or student) with new activities is a must. My son caught on right away and started to use his creative juices.  After he was finished, he pointed at it and said "octopus". Sure enough, it did resemble an octopus. Thanks to the amazing Pinterest for the collander idea :)

 Joshua's "Octopus"

My little man found another way to incorporate pipe cleaners.... with Fruit Loops!  It was cute to see Josh munch on a few while he worked.  

 Fruit Loop Sticks

 Pipe Cleaners Gone Wild

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  1. What a Great Idea I now have something to do with my toddler on a rainy day! Great Idea!