Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Toddler Tuesday: Potty Training

Our son turned two in December and there has been much anticipation over potty training.  Honestly, it has been easy to avoid, prolong, and think ill of this stage in advance.  We all know the horror stories people tell about training their child, so I am positive that did not help to begin with.  What do they know?  So far, my experience has been great! Who knew that the first week would be soooo easy?!!  Maybe I am speaking too soon, but this has been a breeze so far.  Yes, all things good must come to an end, but I will relish in these glorious, perfect days until the poop-smeared bathroom days arrive. *mom's worst nightmare*

Last week, Joshua was introduced to the potty chair. Horrified is probably an understatement of how Josh reacted to it. Screaming and throwing his arms in all directions and refusing to sit on the potty.  Immediately giving up, we walked out without a second glance. I would have deemed that was the end to training Joshua.  Then a miracle happened...

That night Joshua took my hand and walked us to the bathroom door.  What a surprise when he pointed at the potty!  In hopes that Joshua would think this was his grand idea, I took his diaper off and let him prop himself up on the potty chair. Needless to say, without me helping him was the best idea.  My little guy is so independent that that was probably what made our first experience horrendous.  Joshua just plain did not want me help and threw a fit when I tried to plop him on the chair at first.  So this time, I pretended it was his idea and let him be in charge.  Once he was on the chair I made sure to reinforce the idea that he would get a candy for going potty.  No hesitation--he peed!

Since that day, Joshua goes numerous times and usually reminds me he has to go.  It has been wonderful! 

He is too smart for his own good though-- The first day he went potty he tricked me into 4 treats. Let me explain...

Josh did his business, stood up and I gave him an M&M.  Then he plopped back on the chair and peed some more. Thus, another treat.  We did this 4 times in a row before I caught on to his mischief. This guy is smarter than his mama!  Once I learned his technique into getting more treats I made sure to put his diaper back on right after he tinkles.  Seriously, smart move on my part. 

There are no tricks up my sleeve during this training process. Mamas that stick to the book and a plan are probably abhorred with my style.  Training myself on this topic by reading books was my initial plan but I never got around to it.  So whatever is happening right now is just from me trying different things until they work for us.  Right now, I still keep Joshua in diapers 24/7 and am in no hurry to switch that up.  Until he gets the idea of going in the potty chair 100%, then I think we may switch to undies.  

I am just laughing at some of the comments I may receive from this post...  How did you potty train and what worked/didn't work for you?  Would also love to hear any funny stories you may have about training!


  1. Potty training is not something I am looking forward to when I have kids. Good luck!


  2. Going through potty training for my two year old. He has it down!