Monday, April 15, 2013


With everything going on in Boston today, my heart is heavy.  The scary thing is that we still do not have all the answers as to why this happened. There are innocent people that do not deserve to be hurt or to live in fear.  This horrific event has scared me silly... For one, I am deathly afraid of not knowing how I will die. So when I heard of the news today, my thoughts immediately went into panic mode.  In some ways, I thought it was the start of even more horrific events happening simultaneously in the next coming hours (even though I live nowhere near Boston). Even though I know control is out of my hands, my anxiety has taken over to the point that common sense flies out the door.  Hopping into a hot air balloon and flying to Canada, Switzerland, or way the heck away from here sounded great to me. Just to get away from this pure nonsense of evil people.

So to diminish my fear and to focus on something positive, Mr. Rogers has a great quote that puts things into perspective.  Even during disasters and moments of confusion, we can all rely on the fact that love will always overcome evil.  Horrible things will still happen but the beauty of seeing neighbors helping each other and strangers coming together is what we should hold on to.  Love conquers all...

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