Friday, April 5, 2013

Got My Fix...

 ...With Stitch Fix

Hurdling over the kitchen step stool and running as fast as my legs would carry me, I ran to the door to get my Stitch Fix package.

Recently, there was a blog that caught my attention when they featured their own Fix.  Looking into it, I found that this was something worth trying....

When you sign up for this gig you can pick the day you want them to deliver your Fix.  You can do get it once a month, three times a year, or whenever your budget allows for it.  This was appealing to me.  With a frugal budget and not allowing myself to get pampered often, I knew that if it were a yearly subscription I would pass on the idea in an instant.

 The upfront cost is $20, which can also be applied to one of the purchases you make from your box.

Your "stylist" sends you 5 items. It could be clothing items, jewelry, and/or scarves. The great (and also scary) thing is that your stylist surprises you with what she thinks you would look fashionable in.  I had filled out a survey when I originally signed up and they asked all types of questions pertaining to my style choices.  Of course my fashion is pure classic. I'm imagining an Audrey Hepburn look--something simple, yet sophisticated.

Here are my first 2 pieces:
*Bracen Floral Print Ruched Tank*
*Jakai Water Color Floral Print Dress*

The floral tank was very form-fitting, which I loved. It would look fantastic with black slacks and a blazer.  The knee-length dress was cute as well. I like the style but was questioning if the floral print was just too much.  Probably would look even better with purple pumps, but the top portion did not fit me too well.

*Knox Crochet Floral Trim Cotton Top*

This cream colored, knit top, was especially comfy.  I could see myself wearing my denim jeggings (YES, I do have jeggings and LOVE 'em. haha) with this top.  The crocheted floral trim really makes this piece unique.  It looked awesome on me!

 *Salwa Draped Back Chiffon Top*

Oh golly, I was really hesitant when this piece was pulled out of the box.  It had different layers draping across with a tie-back.  Really was not sure if I could pull this one off.  Seriously, this was my 2nd favorite item!  The color looked great on me and made me look tall and lengthy (I'm 5 feet tall, so whatever helps lengthen my height does wonders).

Every outfit sent by Stitch Fix includes a styling card to help with ideas on how to wear the item (example in bottom photo). Love this idea!  It is sooo easy to have brain farts on how to pair up items... I know, because that's my biggest problem with outfits.

*Terrace Striped Knit Split Back Top*
This coral colored shirt was my most favorite top!  It is the "in" color this spring season.  The light weight material makes this a keeper to me. Hey, I live in Arizona...I live in an oven pretty much. Everything has got to be lightweight, airy, and comfortable for me to even consider wearing it out and about. The details on this shirt is what I love about it--the gold studded sleeves, and the sheer layer on the back of the shirt.

In the end, you pay for the clothes you are keeping and send the rest back to the company within 3 days (they send a prepaid postal bag in the Fix box).  Since we are a one-income family, I found all these items to be on the expensive side (about $40-80 per item). That means I won't be able to budget my Fix in very often, but that's okay!  When I am able to do it, it will be even more special. 

Go get your FIX on!


  1. Ummm....this sounds like so much fun!

  2. I think everybody should try it at least once. It was so nice to try it on in the comfort of my home. Plus, pair them up with my own wardrobe items to see if it would work or not.

  3. That cream colored top is gorgeous...I love the detailing on it!

    The Tiny Heart

  4. This is a really fun idea. I agree with you the coral shirt is my favorite!