Monday, May 6, 2013

An ad with a secret...

While perusing Facebook today, I came across an article that peeked my interest. A company called  ANAR has created an ad that changes at different angles. It is an anti-abuse ad for children. At an adult level, they can only see a general advertisement for it. At a child's level, the child see's a picture of a bruised boy and there is a phone number to call for help if they are ever in a situation of abuse. 

During my first year as a teacher, I came across many children who were coming to school with bruises and would tell me personal things that shocked me. There were a few times I had to go to authorities to report what a child or parent had informed me of. Dealing with that as a teacher was probably the worst aspect of my career. Of course, I would help out any student if they were in trouble, but it was sad and shocking to be aware of how much crap there is in this world.

I love the idea of how the anti-abuse ad is a cool way to grab your attention. An adult sees a completely different message on the screen and the child sees something else. Such an unique feature!  The article about the anti-abuse also asked, "How long before we see this feature on toys to hawk a child's interest?" I am not sure if I would like it in that aspect, but really admire the large ads featuring this concept when promoting safety, anti-bullying, and anti-abuse. Kudos to this company!

Here is the article, "This Ad has a Secret That Only Kids Can See" : click here

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  1. WOW. I love that ad. It needs to be implemented everywhere! Even at schools. As a social work student- I have come across a TON of abused children.. a lot do not want to tell because they are afraid they'll get in trouble :/ Kids need to know it is OK to tell if something is wrong.