Monday, May 20, 2013

Flashback: Bubble Gum Cigarettes!

"Talking on the phone to someone who has kids, is like talking to someone with Tourettes."

I need to share a funny story, pertaining to kids and phone calls: 

When I was about 4 years old, my mother was on the phone with a Bible study leader from church. The leader had called my mom to see if she would like to be part of the leadership team for the Moms group. In the middle of the conversation, I am yelling in the background, "I WANT MY CIGARETTES! GIVE ME MY CIGARETTES!".... (I was referring to the kids bubble gum cigarettes, not real ones). Needless to say, my mom was mortified and declined the offer to lead a moms group. I kinda ruined the image of her being a good mom, and  especially to lead a Christian Moms group while her kid is yelling for cigarettes!

Don’t these actually look real?!  Honestly I do not condone smoking, especially for kids.  Just a vintage candy that I grew up with, and I am still kinda surprised my mom would let me have these. She would not even let me watch Care Bears or Rainbow Brite as a kid because she thought it would brainwash me. So I guess candy cigarettes were fine though?  Haha

Did any of you enjoy any type of "vintage" candy?  Share what candy you used to eat as a kid or anything interesting that was on the market back in the day.  

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  1. I never had bubble gum cigarettes as a kid, but my Mom used to tell us about having them when she was little, so last year when my husband found a store selling them on our summer vacation, we bought packs for my younger siblings. :P I do think that the concept isn't really a great one for children.