Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sharing Love with RAKS

 When creating this RAKS Challenge it was to focus on positive ways to show love to others.  There are many ideas up my sleeve to surprise others with a kind gesture. Can't wait to make someone's day and share ideas with you along the way! 

My best friend has been searching for a job for the past few months. She had been so bogged down filling out applications and being stressed out for months on end.  We were ecstatic to find out that someone wanted to hire her after all that hard work!  In today's time and age it's near impossible to find decent jobs.  Everybody and their brother is also searching and applying to the same job. Job competition is probably at its highest it has ever been.  So when my friend called to tell me the good news, I knew something special would need to be done.  To congratulate and to encourage her during the first week on the job, I sent her a special treat:

To keep it simple, I sent my friend a card, and a Jamba Juice gift card with a note attached saying, "Enjoy a drink on  me!"  The cute RAOK (random acts of kindness) printable was found on Pinterest

Please join me in this challenge to make a friend, family member, or a stranger's day!  A simple gesture goes a long way.  If you would like to participate, check out the details HERE.

Reader's Responses to the RAKS Challenge:

I loved reading some of the responses from others that joined this challenge.  Brings a smile to my face to know you all are out there making a difference! -Elizabeth Hermesch

"I made about 4 dozen peanut butter cookies for the labor and delivery nurses for taking such good care of my best friend while she was in the hospital for a week before/after the emergency delivery of her son."

"I was at McDonalds and there was a young mother there with 2 children. The kids were sharing a happy meal and one told his mom he was still hungry and she said she didn't have the money to buy more. The little boy said you never have money for food. I could tell she was embarassed and ashamed she couldn't afford food for them. So i bought a meal and had the worker give it to her anonymously so she would not be embarassed. I have 13 grandkids and I couldn't stand to see a baby go hungry. I just wish I would have had the money to give her to buy food."

"Everyone talks about wanting to change the world & this is exactly how we can do so in a small way! Paying it forward is so easy too!

In fact, I am joining your challenge! The company we get our cat food from accidentally shipped us 2 bags instead of 1. The customer service rep said we could just keep it. Instead of doing that, we're donating it to a local animal shelter!

This comment was supposed to be a simple one, & yet it turned into so much more! I think there's a reason for everything & I'm thrilled to have stumbled upon this blog / post! Thank you so much for being an inspiration!"

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  1. And then I found out my friend never got the RAKS gift. lol. A few weeks later, the gift was sent back to me saying I sent it to the wrong address. LOL. Mailing it back...