Monday, May 27, 2013

My Life through Lyrics: Part 1

Have you ever listened to a song that takes you back to a certain time? Thinking about old-time lyrics that meant something to me in my past. So as I contemplate what songs that have "spoken" to me, I have come to the conclusion that I have to do a tribute completely to MxPx.  Their music got me through some tough years.

Seriously, still gotta love MxPx. My brother, Andy, first introduced the music to me when I was a kid. Those were good memories of having something in common with my brother. About 15 years ago, it was the first thing I found out that I had in common with Dale (my hubby).  My brother and Dale took me to my first-ever MxPx concert when I was a teen. The "Life in General" songs completely reflect how I felt during my school days. As I listen to their old stuff it brings back so many memories of sitting in my room and trying to figure out life.

Tomorrow's Another Day
"And time stands still when no one understands you
When you don't quite understand yourself
But just know this that God is faithful
Even if you don't have faith yourself"

My Mom Still Cleans My Room
"I'm getting older day by day
Ain't got time to get to everything
Hold on tight, enjoy the ride
Life is short, so live it wisely"

Doing Time
"You gotta stick together
with who you are and who you know
You gotta remember
Where you've been and where you wanna go"

Also, if you need some good pick-up lines, MxPx has some good ones in their lyrics.  Hubby tried to use these on me back in the day, but too bad I knew where they came from! HA!

For example:

"Can I call you sweetheart or even baby doll?
If I had your number, you'd be getting a phone call
Can I leave you a message on your machine?
Letting you know that you're the bomb
And you blew up on me" 
-From the song "Do your Feet Hurt?"
My Life Through Lyrics: To Be Continued....

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  1. This takes me back! Hahah, I remember using those "Do Your Feet Hurt" Lyrics on you. Clearly I did something right! I also remember playing air guitar with John Handley to "Chick Magnet"... Good times!