Friday, May 10, 2013

Fashion Friday: Frugal Finds Part 2

 Last Friday I started talking about how thrift shopping is the way to go.  You save big, and it is fun to find treasures.

This is one outfit I was able to find at a local thrift store. The coral top has an intricate design on it.

The skirt is my favorite find.  It still had the original tag on it from Fossil and was $40 there. The thrift store had it marked down to $2.50!!!  It is a sheer skirt but has an under-layer of black fabric. I love the velvety detail on the skirt too.

I got this belt from the store too, but I am really not digging it with this outfit. It's funny how you can put an outfit on thinking that it looks so cute. Then when you see a photo of yourself in it, it's like, "Agh!"  This is the coolest belt (it has a cool feature to it) and I will have to share more details with you once I pair it up with a better outfit!

If you would like to share a cute outfit on the blog, take a photo of yourself in 1-2 outfits. Email me with the photos and a brief description of your fashion style and where you got the items or the brands.  I would LOVE to have more "models" showing off their items and I'm sure you do not want to see me displaying myself every week. Email me at:

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  1. That is the cutest outfit! Aren't thrift store finds the best? I must admit, I get such a kick when I find a real bargain like you did with that lovely skirt :)