Monday, May 13, 2013

::RAKS Challenge::

*Get your stories/photos in by tomorrow so I can share them on a future blog post!

RAKS = Random Acts of Kindness
Recently, I posted about doing a RAKS Challenge. Click on the highlighted link for the blog post: Random Acts of Kindness blog post
Every month, I will do at least one nice thing for somebody else, and I hope you will join the challenge as well. If you want to participate in this fun, inspiring blog experience please read the details below.

Here's the deal:

-If you would like to participate, I challenge you to do a Random Act of Kindness for a family member, a friend, or even better--a stranger.

-Post about what you did and your experience on the blog. If you made an item and took a photo, please email me so I can share it on the blog!

-My goal is to do a RAKS by the 14th of every month (easy for me to remember because Valentine's Day is the of love. So it reminds me to do something out of love on the 14th of every month). So please share your RAKS stories by the 14th of every month on my blog!

-All stories or photos you share may end up on a future blog post!

-Every RAKS item I give will also include a tag with my blog site info and email so the stranger can leave input about their experience for us.  Feel free to include my info or your blog info so they can share their thoughts. This is optional for you, but would really be a great addition to your experience.

*I had a blogger say that they love to do things anonymously.  Normally, I would do this anonymously but love the idea of sharing both sides of the story with my readers. There has never been a time when I didn't hear a sweet story about a RAKS that someone did without feeling inspired. That's the reason for doing this:  To feel inspired. To love others. To live a life of purpose. To make someone's day.

If you are going to take on this challenge, please comment below that you are taking the plunge! 

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