Saturday, May 18, 2013

Give Me 3!

My name is Elizabeth,
I am a blog-hopping-addict. 

I am not alone in this. I also have a sidekick that enjoys tempting, coercing, and reeling me in to this silly addiction.  Meet Pinterest. Yup, that's right. Once I think that linking-up with other blogs is finally finished, then I hop over to Pinterest and find another website or blog to peak my interest. 

Although I come across many blogs every day, there are only a few that I keep up with on a regular basis. There are sooo many absurdly, awesome bloggers out there and most have at least one FANTASTIC post that captures my attention from time to time.

My Top 3:


I love Kaitlyn's honest and candid posts about topics that are worthwhile.  She always incorporates great topics into her blog. Right now there is a series about "Preparing for a Little One" & pretty soon there will be a series focusing on small businesses. I love how current her blog is for my age group (the "20-somethings").

Classic & Bubbly
Stesha has a blog that focuses on fashion and photography.  Her fashion sense is stellar, and every day I like to see what outfit she posts about.  "Classic and Bubbly" just opened an online store!

I enjoy visiting Jean's blog for the "Aloha Friday Blog Hop". That is the place where you will find link-ups from bloggers galore!  As a photography wannabe myself, Jean's site is full of her beautiful photography.  Better yet, she lives in Hawaii and has photo ops everywhere she turns.

  *This post is in conjunction to the Blog-Every-Day-In-May-Challenge



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