Sunday, May 19, 2013

My Struggle

As I attempt to blog every day for this month's challenge, I am coming across some great topics. Today's topic is discussing something I struggle with right now.  There were a few things that came to mind--some silly and some that hit deeper.

Here is one of the main things that is a struggle: Making life-long friendships, or just friends to call on a whim.  It has been affecting me moreso since I became a mommy.  It is such an isolating, lonely feeling. There are many weeks where I just sit at home with my son, and have no social life.  I make an attempt to go to a once-a-week mommy group during the school months, and that has been wonderful!  But then the loneliness comes back once I get home. The one thing that is missing in my life is having a best friend to chill with.  Someone that will just drop by without notice, a friend to get our kids together regularly, someone to just sit around and be content.  All of my good friends have either diminished over the years or live out of state.

Although I attempt to get out of the house to lessen the focus, I am not sure how to make close friends at my age & in my situation.   Has anybody else dealt with this? You can't really force someone to be your best friend, so not sure if there is an easy answer to this. Share your thoughts :)


  1. oops, this is supposed to be for Monday!

  2. Hello, Elizabeth--I too am a blog hopping addict. I'm glad you're here. ;) And yes, I also have that love/hate relationship with Pinterest. I LOVE all of the new ideas I am gathering for decorating, cleaning, parties, family time...............I HATE that I can sit & pin for 16 hours straight & not accomplish of those things.

  3. Good luck on your blogging ---- can't wait to read it.

  4. Good Luck with you page!! I know you will do great! I love to blog as well. It is not always easy for me since I get busy... haha get busy living! but I enjoy it. I am always up late on the computer writing, editing pictures, and more. Great Blog! Can not wait to see more :)