Wednesday, May 1, 2013

GIVEAWAY: Random Acts of Kindness

I posted about a Random Acts of Kindness challenge that I wanted others to participate in.  My first attempt at this challenge is to do a Giveaway for my readers.  The catch is that YOU will actually have to do a Random Act of Kindness for somebody first :) 


$20 Origami Owl gift certificate & "Life is a Gift" dangle

 How to enter:

Follow all direction on the rafflecopter.  Winner will be announced on May 16th. Winner will be able to use their $20 gift certificate towards an item(s) I carry in my personal inventory. Winner will be notified via email.

The last request on the Rafflecopter says to do a Random Act of Kindness for someone. It can be as simple as wrapping a candy bar with a note, giving a drive-thru cashier cash to pay for the person behind you, or whatever speaks to your heart. Be creative!

Origami Owl website:
a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I love this... absolutely LOVE this!!

  2. Here is the link that I shared on FB
    Thanks for the opportunity

  3. This is such a great thing to promote!

  4. Shared on fb:

  5. this is my share. I will have to get a photo and description for you. Most of the time when I do random acts of kindness I'm also faceless and anonymous so I'll have to work on this one.

  6. is my Fb page where I shared!

  7. This is so awesome Elizabeth! I make doing a random act of kindness a part of my every day life. Yesterday I heard of someone who needed a full size mattress. I had planned on selling it but when I heard the parents just wanted a cheap used mattress for their son because that was all they could afford, I offerd my barely used sealy pillowtop for free. The Mom was so grateful when she picked it up yesterday, she literally had tears in her eyes. I told her Happy Mothers day. I didnt get a picture, first because I didnt know about your contest, second ... I dont know if I would have asked anyway because I dont do stuff like that for recognition and would have felt embarrassed ... Lol . I do stuff like that because it fills my heart with love and joy. Ya know?
    Good Luck to all who enter!

  8. Elizabeth I don't have a photo to send. Recently we were at Costco in the parking lot. I always grab a cart before going in to setup my baby and preschooler. An older gentleman was about to take his back and I offered to take it off his hands. He was so grateful. The power of Pay it Forward. As we were leaving someone offered to do the same thing noticing my hands were full. They waited as I unloaded my kids.

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